As mentioned earlier – click here for a refresher on this morning’s post about Ben Affleck and Tom Brady’s private flight with Christine Ouzounian – there’s SO much more to say about this situation.

My working theory, per the previous article, is that Gisele Bundchen could have very well gone nuclear after finding out about the trip – was she the one who made sure Jen was informed about it? Also…

How did this picture make it on to Page Six?

The fact that Christine is wearing all four of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl rings establishes that he was present. No denying it. The fact that Page Six/the NY Post published this photo? Well, they hate the Patriots. It’s a city sports rivalry. They’d be all over this shot, any chance to humiliate New England’s QB1. So there’s no way that Brady or Gisele would have sent this to the NY Post. And even though he’s the prince of self-sabotage, I can’t imagine Boston Ben Affleck would do that to his quarterback which leaves, obviously, Christine. Even if you don’t think she’s that much of a famewhore, it had to have come from her phone, right? Texted to a friend? Like to show off? These people are the most amateur hour cheaters, like, ever.

So either she’s doing it as a power play to Ben, reminding him that she can not only take him down, but his famous friends too, or she has people in her inner circle who are selling her out. Amazingly, it’s been three or four days in a row now that we haven’t seen Christine in a bikini lounging at the Hotel Bel Air. That said, tabloid Wednesday is tomorrow. We might get a whole new round of Christine publicity, unless Ben has finally managed to lock her down. Which… I mean, how much confidence do you have in this bumbling fool right now?

PEOPLE has a follow-up on the story and the photo of Christine wearing the rings, citing sources close to Ben who continue to insist that he wasn’t f-cking her. Here’s how Team Affleck is explaining the picture:

"They were headed to his poker tournament for his charity," the friend says of why Ouzounian left the Bahamas with Affleck. "She was in no way hidden. She was in fact helpful in encouraging donations, and there were other Affleck employees with him. If this was supposed to be some romantic getaway, this was not it. Ben was there to focus on his charities."

Affleck's friend adds that "there were other people on the plane who tried on the rings." After the tournament, Affleck returned solo to rejoin Garner in the Bahamas, where they announced their divorce on June 30.

Um, she was hired as a nanny. How did she suddenly become a fundraiser???

Here’s Ben out in LA today wearing his wedding ring and Brady playing with his kids at practice yesterday and Jennifer Garner in Atlanta working on her movie.