A wild 3 weeks, she’s acknowledged as much, but the response is cheeky and light and warm and most importantly, it is encouraging. And this is what I meant last week when I compared Britney’s brain to my dog’s - small, low functioning, with remarkable flashes of brilliance. Britney is obviously not the brightest in the business. She is dumb, she is very dumb, but in her case, dumb is not necessarily disadvantageous. Dumb for Britney means that she is PLIABLE. And while she may be pliable towards the skanky, smelly, and Paris, it also means she can be pliable towards some good sense. When her parents, when her manager, when those looking out for her children tell her enough is enough, she is pliable enough to listen. It’s been nearly a decade of Britney. There will be a decade more, praise Goddess.