B list actress and famewhore, loves to “accidentally” run into pappies in an effort to wipe clean a pandering past by pimping her kids, lost a friend and gained a potential paycheque but got dumped when he found out she’s a golddigger, and now apparently can’t find work…

Definitely the work of Karma Calamity. Hee.

Turns out she was signed on for a role, was required to shoot on location outside the US, and was denied entry at the border as a result of a violent incident that occurred the last time she was allowed in on a working visa. In fact, given that she was practically kicked out of the country before, it’s hardly surprising we didn’t want her skank polluting our rivers once again.

As such, the part went to someone else.

So now she’s making nice with her babyfather until she can find her next Sugar Daddy. Once a whore, always a whore.