It’s not that I don’t think she looks beautiful. Because of course she looks beautiful. But she also looks the same. Same vibe from the BAFTAs and the Bond promo all over Europe, same groove for months: the wonky hair, the dark eyes - it’s gettin’ kinda tired. And you never want to deliver the expected, right? That dress is a dream though. I believe it’s Givenchy, just like the brilliant blue number Cate wore in Berlin – both gowns for few women, you know what I mean? As such, the standard has been raised just that might higher for my Eva, though to be honest, among the super super elite last night, suffice to say, girl still has a long, long way to go. Like…barely a blip. And if Leo and Cam and Nicole and Cate are scale close to a 10, Eva Green tops out at maybe a 3. Just maybe. Source