Calm yourself. I"m not saying she looks bad. And I"m not saying I don"t like her. I love her. The Christina/Burke love story, as far as I"m concerned, is the only one that matters. But I"m not all that excited about this dress. First of all, the lacy hem irritates me. The peaks - they look like the peaks on a jester"s hat. So not cute. And I don"t dig those silver wedding shoes either. You know what I"m talking about. We all have a pair. And we ONLY wear them to weddings. Because they"re boring - just like her frock. Boring and lazy and a much lesser version of the one she wore to the SAGs a few months ago. Now there are many, many adjectives we can use to describe Sandra. But boring should never be one of them. She"s too much of a feisty bitch for that. Which is why this appearance was such a letdown. Better next time, darling. Because we adore your bad ass.