You wouldn"t think so but that's the word down south. And I doubt it's the kind of tourism Frieda would be proud of. About a month ago, he's in resort town hawking a product and apparently hooks up with a not so clean looking lady who locals believe to be a paid professional. After he leaves, she drops by the establishment wanting to collect on her loot. While the staff were loathe to believe her initially - given HIS overwhelming clout and HER apparent low classiness - they were amazed when a VIP concierge eventually came down with a bag full of treats that her paramour had earmarked as a special thank you for her services. Oddly enough, this kind of behaviour does not appear to be restricted to vacay time only. Shortly after arriving home, he played Richard Gere to his very own Julia Roberts, except this time it was at a legendary establishment on the Sunset Strip and once again this very charming, very considerate, very anointed, and very kinky superstar left a goodie bag behind for his luscious companion. But even though she hasn't been stupid enough to jeopardise future business by spilling her story, she wasn't exactly shy about leaving the premises in full view of everyone on duty. And you wonder why it's so hard keeping a secret in Hollywood?