Just released this morning – it’s the video for Rihanna’s FourFiveSeconds with Kanye West and Paul McCartney.

I already mentioned last week how much I love LOVE LOVE the song. And this video…

Sometimes they f-ck up a video, you know? Like it does nothing to enhance the music. Example: I’m all about Nick Jonas’s Jealous but I’ve watched that video once and have no interest in doing it again, no matter how weird or random everyone tells me it is.


Four or five times already. And more as the day goes on.

It’s perfect. For the song, for the mood, for HER.

There was an article at PEOPLE.com yesterday about Rihanna's Style, how she could end up being the most “mused-about celeb in fashion history”. They write hyperbolic sh-t like this all the time about famous people but in this case, I totally believe it.

Rihanna doesn’t just get it. Rihanna TAKES it.

What she’s working with here? That belted denim on denim. The misty face. One exposed shoulder. She has never been sexier, more intriguing, more… formidable.

And that instinct with style isn’t just about aesthetic. It’s about timing. It’s about tone - when to keep it, when to silence it, when to change it. What we’re seeing here then is a shift in Rihanna. She’s going somewhere new. And how can we resist going with her?

Really, really, really can’t wait to see this at the Grammys.