I cannot wait to see what Lindsay Lohan will say about the new Coldplay album. How she will somehow find a way to hint that she’s heard it already, well before the world, well before even Gwyneth Paltrow who doesn’t know who to bang to get a copy of it. But Lohan is trying to make us believe that Guy Berryman, bassist for Coldplay, would actually be dumb enough to f-ck her. So now that the band has announced a title and a release date for the new album, there’s no doubt she’ll be all over it. I wouldn’t put it past her if she suggested, via Twitter naturally, that she was the inspiration behind one of the songs. Yes, she is that much of an asshole.

The album is called Mylo Xyloto. It drops October 24. It’s actually not finished. The band hasn’t yet decided about which tracks will actually make it on. And since they’ve not decided about the tracks, they’ve obviously not finalised the sequencing. Chris Martin says sequencing for Coldplay is probably more important than it is for other musicians because, in his words:

“We just can't compete in a singles world, we're not good enough at singles to do that. So we have to play to our strength. We have some good singles, sure, but we can't compete with Gaga or Beyonce or Justin (Timberlake).”

Where did this astuteness come from? Or do you think it’s false modesty? You know what else Chris Martin said about Justin Timberlake? Chris Martin agrees with us about Justin Timberlake. Here’s the full quote:

“We have some good singles, sure, but we can't compete with Gaga or Beyonce or Justin [Timberlake], if he would only fucking make a record. It's good news for all of us that he isn't, because it gives everyone else a chance, but it's a great loss to music that he doesn't do it.”

That’s a very good point. Justin Timberlake’s absence from making music, his own music, is a loss to music. If Justin Timberlake were to take a break from acting, do you think that would be a loss to acting? I just laughed. Did you?

The quotes above come from a new and very extensive Billboard profile of Coldplay and their journey towards the release of Mylo Xyloto that includes interviews with the band and their management, and an extra long piece with Chris Martin himself. There’s a lot of insight about the strategy involved with rolling out the new material, why festivals first, how many singles first, what the tour will look like. There’s also a lot of big talk, naturally, from their manager, about Mylo X’s significance and quality, but I still feel pretty hyped about it, and I haven’t been hyped about Coldplay in a long time. Maybe I’ve bought into it too easily. Maybe it’s Friday and it’s sunny out and I just want to play golf and I’m too lazy to be discerning. But I can tell you already I will buy it. They have my money and it was easy.

Click here to read the Coldplay article and click here for the interview with Chris Martin.

Chris was photographed yesterday in New York arriving by helicopter with his wife and children... OH MY GOD, WHAT???!!! Pictures??? Yes, pictures, but not in the same frame at the same time. They flew in presumably from the Hamptons to attend the Obama fundraising dinner hosted by Harvey Weinstein. Gwyneth’s best friend Beyonce’s first show of four sold out shows at the Roseland Ballroom is on Sunday. You think she’ll stay the weekend?

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