Like it’s not enough the way they pissed on, and continue to piss on, Friday Night Lights. Now it’s full tits drama over The Tonight Show. Would Jay Leno step OFF already?

He announced he wanted to leave. So he left. Only NBC was worried he’d run to another network. So they undermined Conan by giving Jay a 10pm spot only to see him suck sh-t on the 10pm schedule because he’s actually up against scripted television. What’s up Tina Fey?

Jay’s fails are bringing down Conan, resulting in a huge boost for David Letterman. So now TMZ  is reporting that the geniuses at NBC are remedying the problem by putting Jay back on late night and bumping Conan in the process. Which would mean, for all intents and purposes, restoring everything to the way it used to be before he left The Tonight Show.

The network has supposedly given Conan an ultimatum: stay and start every night at midnight or walk out the door. I love Conan. And they have f-cked him around from the very beginning. And they’re continuing to f-ck him around, panicking like amateurs, blaming him even though they never really supported him from the get.

What was the point of a Jay Leno 10pm show?

And who’s to say that people will come back to Jay Leno at 11:30pm?


It’s over for Jay’s cheesy jokes. It’s over.

But there’s a reason NBC has been lagging behind the last several years. They make stupid decisions. Another one is on the way. Conan deserves better. But it probably won’t be on network tv. Look at how Jon Stewart has flourished on Comedy Central.

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