James Franco’s reputation was pissed on this week as a former professor is suing NYU for firing him because he gave the actor a D in his class. Dr Santana says Franco only attended 2 out of 14 lectures. Click here for the background.

NYU has now responded publicly to the claims. They say Santana was terminated not as a result of failing Franco that he was not given a contract extension for “private personnel” reasons. The university also rebukes Santana for disclosing student information. Which...is kinda like confirmation that Franco did in fact skip out on the majority of those lectures, right? Click here to read the full statement from NYU.

More Franco defending is also coming courtesy of another professor at Yale. R John Williams was Franco’s English advisor who worked with him over video conference for several hours a week. Williams insists that Franco only missed one session, made up for it, and was an engaged student the rest of the time.

No doubt. I mean, isn’t that why they call it “phoning it in”? I mean, that’s actually an expression, isn’t it? For not trying hard enough? Does he phone in everything? Is that how he manages it all? Because if that were the case, I’d be a lot farther ahead in life.

If other students are expected to be present at lectures, and he isn’t, I’m not actually sure how this phoning in business is an adequate defence. I really love how celebrities complain about special treatment and take advantage of it at the same time. Click here to read about Franco’s Yale professor’s amazing experience supervising his studies.