You’ve heard about this lawsuit, I’m sure. Click here for a more extensive explanation.

In short, Dr Jose Angel Santana was an assistant arts professor at NYU. He failed James Franco for only attending 2 of his 14 lectures. Then the university fired him. He claims he was fired because he refused to suck Franco’s celebrity dick. He also claims that “the school has bent over backwards to create a Franco-friendly environment, that's for sure. The university has done everything in its power to curry favour with James Franco." This also includes his colleagues. Santana alleges that two faculty members have benefited from a relationship with James Franco, Student, Artist, Everything, by collaborating with him on a few of his projects.

NYU released a statement noting that while they’ve yet to see the lawsuit - you can read the official documents here - they find Santana’s accusations to be “ridiculous”. Like Rooney Mara?

Many of you have emailed for my thoughts on the situation. My thoughts are: I believe the Professor and I thank him for finally confirming what we all knew to be true - that James Franco is a fraud and a cheat.

How long have we been hearing the reports?

James Franco is taking this course and writing this exam and working on that installation and filming that movie and directing that documentary and writing a book and attending that seminar and sculpting that ceramic armchair and painting that canvas and on and on and on and on and on…

And everyone’s like - oh my God, he’s so creative and arty, he needs as many outlets as possible to release his artistic spirit and aren’t we lucky that we get to witness it? James Franco traded on that too. He traded on being the guy who was supposed to be everywhere at all times doing great things, the modern Genius Artist, a new world Leonardo DaVinci. That was the James Franco selling feature.


Now we know.

Now we know he only says he does but doesn’t really do. Not even half. Only 2 out of 14, that’s what James Franco does.

James Franco is ordinary or maybe even less than. Happy Christmas!