I get requests all the time for more coverage on Nacho Figueras. The truth is, I don’t know much about him beyond him playing polo all the time with Princes William and Harry, mostly Harry.

Figueras covers the new issue of NUVO. The man has great hair. This is top of mind for me because Jacek was just complaining on my ride to work this morning that his hair is thinning. Me I don’t see it. But I understand this is a preoccupation. And I wonder if men look at Nacho’s hair the way women look at, I dunno, Beyonce’s legs. Or JLO’s ass.

Figueras tells NUVO that he wants to be to polo what David Beckham was to soccer in America and that his dream is that one day, polo might be like golf. Golf, he says, was once the sport for rich white dudes, strictly, and, as golf has now become more accessible, he believes that polo, the sport of kings, will someday be played among the people. I don’t fault him for his ambition, but I wonder about the practicality. Like, how many of us have ready access to a horse?

Click here for more from Figueras in NUVO. Who does he remind you of? Like a cross between Christian Bale and Armande Assante?