First he was unsympathetic to her disabilities, then he wouldn’t let her keep a bedpan, and he made her hop on one leg and crawl up the stairs, and he said she couldn’t breastfeed, and oh yes, he abused her too…but when all of those tall tales missed the mark, she then says he also abused his beloved first wife Linda…and now, now that we’ve virtually reached 100% unanimity AGAINST her, she’s claiming he’s a drunk, not only a drunk alone but a drunk when he’s with their infant daughter Bea which of course means he’s not fit for custody of the child, which of course means she’s more suitable, which of course means she should have an appropriately obscene financial settlement to reflect it. Oh but wait…according to her interview with Extra last week, she’s not a golddigger and gives away 85% of her money to charity. Right then. But the fantasies continue, to the point that even her friends don’t believe her anymore! Even they think she’s grasping at one fallacy after another in the face of mounting unpopularity, going so far as to compare herself to Princess Diana, studying footage of Diana’s infamous interview with Martin Bashir to court public opinion and making sure her remaining supporters promulgate the comparison in order to turn the tide in her favour. Heather Mills = Diana, Princess of Wales? Please. Where’s Naomi Campbell when you need her? Source