Admit it. How can you not love this psychotic bitch? She’s demented beyond rescue, she’s more dramatic than drama, and I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of her. Because the catwalk’s most notorious roughneck was arrested yet again in NY today for allegedly attacking the help with a phone, inflicting a bloody gash on her housekeeper’s forehead which reportedly resulted in 4 stitches. Obviously her people are claiming innocence. Needless to say, everyone else is calling bullsh*t. Check out Naomi leaving the precinct today in a rather last year ensemble. Getting hauled to the big house in a poncho? I’d say that’s probably worse than having to spend half the day in jail, poor thing. But hey, at the very least, the weave looks pretty good. The shades aren’t too bad either. So between Naomi’s penchant for domestic abuse and Whitney’s drug-fueled slide into poverty, I think I’ll take Campbell any day of the week.