I say not for the prudish because there always seems to be one or two readers who don"t want deal with my lusting so fair enough…if you"re one of those, consider yourself warned. Ok, so, like, I know this sounds f&cked up and I don"t expect you to agree with me, but do you remember Diamonds & Pearls? A song called Cream? Cream…sh-boogie, bop. Remember? I know he"s small and more than a little odd and yet there"s something about Prince that tells me he more than makes up for it when the lights are low, you know what I mean? First year university, like many people in university, I was in one of those campus fashion shows, because at 18, what"s cooler than modeling in a fashion show? So anyway, the opening scene, it"s my girl Natalia and me, positioned behind these backlit screens, pretending to "strip" but not really, just to set the mood for the event. Natalia is probably one of the best looking people I have ever met. She is even MORE stunning than Naomi Campbell, no frickin" joke, and I was chosen to partner her because I was the only person short enough to fit into that outfit. So anyway, it was a little intimidating to get into "character", especially knowing an international beauty was walking beside the undeniably inferior me. Thank Goddess for Prince, thank Goddess for Cream. Instant relaxation, instant confidence. Isn"t it easy to groove to Prince? Doesn"t his voice connect immediately to the centre of your wo/manhood? Don"t lie - have you never, ever nooked to Prince??? The man is capable of turning a frigid bitch into a wanton sex slave with 2 notes, no more. And I"m telling you…if he wanted me. I would, gossips. I so totally would. So anyway, here he is tonight at the BET Awards. Eccentric? Yes. Sexy? Yes, yes, yes!