Before I get into the details, I'm sorry if I haven't answered your blind item guesses directly. I’ll try to address as many of them as I can in the Monday Mailbag sessions. 

She’s renowned for her beauty and revered for her body and even though she’s probably past her prime, it doesn’t mean she’s still not a hot piece of ass. Single these days too. Too bad she’s been known to go off the deep end. And I guess it’s true what they say about beautiful women having a hard time finding men. Because I hear she’s desperate and she’s resorting to some aggressive, risky tactics. At a recent party, hobnobbing with the socialite crowd, our girl arrives solo and scopes out the potential. She has her eye on a nice, distinguished-looking gentleman who happens to have a wife. The wife is there. She is a lovely woman and she leaves her husband’s side for a moment to chat with a few other rich wives in a different room. That’s when our lady moves in for the kill. She sits down beside him, leans over, pushes her tits together, and starts chatting. Within five minutes she’s literally trying to climb into his lap. Literally. Naturally, if his wife wasn’t around, he would have bagged that sh*t in the bathroom ASAP. Unfortunately, his wife WAS around. And when she returned to find a long, lean, tan body draped around her husband, she hit the roof. Foaming at the mouth, shaking with rage, in front of several witnesses, the Mrs - in a very regal, high society way - lay a verbal smackdown on the superhussy that would make even my mother look up from the mahjong table. Strangest thing though. Getting caught had almost no effect on our bombshell. She just shrugged her shoulders, mumbled ‘sorry’, and sashayed away… quickly finding a new target and engrossing herself in him and on him and around him for the rest of the night. Don’t bother with Sharon Stone, Naomi Campbell, or Teri Hatcher.