Interview with Access Hollywood following her sanitation stint 2 weeks ago. Naomi found the experience “humbling” and was grateful to have had the opportunity to meet people with whom she would never have crossed paths otherwise. She also says she appreciated that her new acquaintances were “straight up” with her, understandably refreshing since celebrities are usually surrounded by people who live up their asses, willing and ready and foaming at the mouth to cater to a star’s every whim.

So according to Naomi, after much introspection and 5 days sweeping and cleaning but not scrubbing toilets, she says she feels “like I’ve let people down, but most importantly I’m at the point in my life where I have to be loving to myself and to be at peace with myself and take care of myself which is where I am right now.”

Me, me, me, me, me.

But if me, me, me, me, me wasn’t working before, what makes this time any different?

Apparently the people around her?

Naomi has overhauled her entourage:
“I’m in an honest place with myself. I think like seven years ago, I was in a place of denial which I’m not in anymore. And I think I’ve had to look at the people I have around me and I need honesty in my life today — people that tell me the truth, not people who say yes. And I don’t have any yes people left in my life.”


Is Gerard Butler a “yes” person? Is Marc Jacobs a “yes” person? Because if he wasn’t a “yes” person why in f*ck would he let her go to Barneys on Sunday looking like a Dim Sum Lady without the Dim Sum Cart?

Just asking…

Seriously though – call me Cruise but I want to believe her. I want to believe she won’t be beating a bitch down with her cell phone anymore. Is Naomi Campbell reformed?

I hope.