There was a tie at the Oscars last night, so why not a tie here, for Best Dressed? Both were great, but we each liked one more than the other. So instead of fighting about it, and inspired by the awards show, we decided to share.

Duana’s Best Dressed Overall: Naomi Watts
She gets it. Naomi Watts gets the crown. For choosing a way to be different that didn’t feel like it was aiming so far to the left it was impossible to feel easy. Part of what she did, though, did involve going left – whether she knew it or not, she was one of the only women wearing something that wasn’t overtly Art Deco. Stylized, yes, but not part of the lines-and-chevrons club. 

It’s so cliché to talk about whether the dress was, itself, wearing or being worn, so I won’t – but then there’s so much to be said for how comfortable she looked. Like Chastain, I think Watts knew that she had a mild chance at best, what with all the great performances splitting votes, so her achievement last night was being best dressed twice – because I also loved her Vanity Fair dress.

Here’s my secret – I don’t totally know if Naomi Watts even has a personality. She’s always seemed pleasant enough, but I don’t know if I could name another personality trait of hers, short of “friend of Kidman”. But she cemented herself in my mind tonight as someone who knows her own mind, clothing wise, which is worth kind of a hell of a lot.

Lainey’s Best Dressed Overall: Charlize Theron

If a dress could be a mic drop, this would be it.

She came to the Oscars, she dropped the f-cking mic, and no one else wanted to get out of the car. Would you want to get out of the car? Would you want to walk past this? There’s no conversation. It’s done. It’s all Charlize. And it’s another year at the Oscars where white wins the carpet. Last year it was Gwyneth Paltrow’s amazing Tom Ford cape. This year it’s Charlize in Dior. And so many extra points too for resisting the urge to over-accessorise. Or to throw a pop of colour in there like…I dunno… green earrings. Not to say that wouldn’t have worked, but there’s something extra, extra chic about the monochrome. If it was Cameron Diaz we’d see a fuschia lip and a blue necklace. To go all stark like this though is, and hear it in Andre Leon Talley’s voice, totally fashion courage.

Can we also call out the fact that she’s not a rail? This is not to suggest that Charlize is curvy, of course not. But how many limbs did you see last night that started one size at the top and ended the same size at the bottom? Charlize has shape to her arms and shoulders. There is muscle on her back. Her clavicles aren’t bars coming out of her neck. This is FIT.