Whaaaaat…is this dress?

I mean, I can’t help laughing over this. It’s short, it’s at least two fabrics, it’s kind of a slimmer line in the front than it is in the back, where it wafts out all Fairy princess, slash your great-aunt’s curtains from the 80s. It’s got a pocket, but either it’s so far down or the dress is sliding down such that she has to streeeeeeetch to get her hand into the pocket.

I think I love it. I have never cared about Naomi Watts one way or another before, but this dress has done the impossible. It has both surprised me, and made me laugh, and I saw it in the middle of the night on Emmy night. This is a big win. 

But I look at Liev Schreiber, who I think is basically quite attractive, and the navy tuxedo jacket isn’t doing the same things to me that Andy Samberg’s tuxedo jacket was doing.  

I don’t want to steal focus from Naomi Watts’ dress, which is made by Christian Dior.  Nor do I want to distract me and my brand-new girlcrush on her, but while we’re discussing clothes that make you like a person…

…do I have an Andy Samberg problem?!