This was a polarising look at the etalk Oscars viewing party. Half the room hated it. Half the room loved it. I was on the pro side…

But I can see the point of the con side.

It’s a dress for the Club Girl. This is how you dress in Vegas when you’re hoping to scam table service off of a group of douchebag insurance conventioners who’ve taken their wedding rings off for the weekend.

The difference, however, is in the wearer. If Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton is stepping out in this, sure. The lipstick is smeared even before they enter the bathroom stall. That’s not Naomi Watts. To me, she’s actually doing the dress a favour. She’s elevating a gown that was made to end up on the floor. Bonus points for that, non? And the white pantsuit at Vanity Fair made up for the rest.