I think a few times before I’ve been not so down with Naomi’s red carpet style. I think it’s totally fair that we just don’t necessarily jive, style-wise. I bet she’s really upset about it too.  But in all seriousness, that’s cool. Something isn’t unattractive just because I don’t like it, especially if everyone else does.

But I didn’t get the impression that anyone liked what was going on last night. It had the impression of being something good, but there was too much going on and it seemed too busy and just not coordinated. I call it a prom dress not because I think it’s so juvenile or overdone in chiffon (there were other offenders for that, natch), but because it seemed like the kind of dress that you would wind up drawing for your friends. “It’s got a purple ombre that fades to blue, and then there’s sequins going down, but sort of other squiggle lines going across, and…”

It just all seems like waywayway too much, and like it might be stunning on a different person who it didn’t overwhelm. I would have loved to see Mindy Kaling in this, or an Emma Stone, maybe. But the truth is, it’s a lot going on. She was all like “oh we’re partying tonight” but I feel like this dress makes her seem tired already.

It’s not bad because I say so, but in this case, it’s bad anyway and I’m the one saying it, so…net-net, same thing.