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Written by Sarah

There are so many reasons to like Naomi Watts. She is capable of being one of the most glamorous women on any red carpet, but she understands when it isn’t her show and she doesn’t steal the spotlight. I can’t tell you her kids’ names, nor could I pick them out of a lineup. She and husband (partner? See—I don’t even know if she’s married!) Liev Schreiber are very, very low-key for two of the busiest and most in-demand actors in the world. A huge part of my liking of Naomi Watts is based on the fact that she isn’t in my face 24/7. When I see interviews with her I get the impression that she is interesting and entertaining, and little else. Which is exactly as it should be.

Naomi has been all over Cannes the last several days with two movies screening, Woody Allen’s You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, and the Doug Liman political piece about the Valerie Plame affair, Fair Game. Sean Penn backed out of appearing at Cannes at the last minute in order to lobby Congress for more relief for Haiti. Whatever, just means more time for Naomi at the Fair Game photocall. And she looks amazing, yes? Naomi is 41. She does not appear to be f*cking with her face. This is aging gracefully; this is the book I am studying as I age.

They say Naomi is the top choice to play Marilyn Monroe in the long-awaited biopic Blonde. Yes please.

Written by Sarah
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