It’s Burberry, of course it is. The new Burberry is not for my mother. She has a lot to say about this. She’s has two Burberry trenchcoats, a navy long one that’s 20 years old, and a shorter khaki about 15 years old, both in perfect condition. It was great quality. Or, as she says it, “goot colly”, translation: good quality. Not really sure why she continues to mispronounce the hard c + w sound. We totally use that sound in Cantonese.

Anyway, these days, my mother the Squawking Chicken, she looks at the Burberry ads and breathes out her nose, something about how the style is too trendy, no longer “cah-sic” (classic) and probably falls apart all the time. I doubt it falls apart all the time but I can’t argue that my mother should not be wearing what Emma Watson’s wearing.

Naomi Watts on the other hand can totally wear what Emma Watson’s wearing. And she wore it last night to the Broadway opening of Arthur Miller’s A View From The Bridge starring her partner Liev Schreiber. Love it so much. Love it all. And can’t stop staring at her legs. And so much better in the face than her best friend Third Lip, non?

Photos from and Janet Mayer/