I saw these photos on Monday and ran out of time to post them, and then the next two days got away, but that doesn’t make these shots, this dress, this entire look any less remarkable. Love it so much.

It’s Naomi Watts in Australia the other day at an Audi event. Amazing, right? I have thick calves so I can’t tie a ribbon around them like she can but this is for my friend Lorella with tiny little legs who totally can and should. See?

Naomi co-stars with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz in Dream House due out at the end of the month but her major release this fall is Clint Eastwood’s J Edgar working opposite Leonardo DiCaprio as Hoover’s formidable secretary Helen Gandy who was a critical fixture at the FBI for over 50 years and personally oversaw many of Hoover’s files, deliberately concealing them, and ultimately destroying many of them after his death, loyal to the end.

J Edgar is being predicted to contend for some Oscar nominations. It’s very, very, VERY early in the season but it’s not surprising given the subject matter, the cast, and the director. Naomi has been delivering fine performances steadily the last few years. Am excited to see her in this one.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com