At the screening of Fair Game last night in New York posing with Liev Schreiber and Valerie Plame. She plays Plame in the movie which opens in select cities November 5. The junket was this past weekend. I was asked to go but was worried about my dental implant and was super disappointed to have missed out on the opportunity. It’s a fascinating story. And Laura, who ended up with the assignment, said she was riveted, said Naomi’s performance is, as usual, top notch. The trailer is below though some people insist it’s misleading, that the film is less “action” and more “talky drama”, which totally works for me but there was a whole issue re: George Clooney’s The American where people thought they were seeing something more intense and ended up feeling deceived that it turned out to be slow moving and plodding.

Whatever. Fair Game, if you know the story, is some crazy sh-t. I mean, there’s being scared of the government Jason Bourne styles, and then there’s REAL LIFE and knowing they want to f-ck you up.

Anyway, about this little black dress... maybe one of the most perfect I’ve ever seen. Right? Love it so much. Which reminds me of the shoppe I walked past the other day when I was with my friend Justine who was visiting from Toronto and we were heading down Main Street and went by the LBD Store on the way to dinner and it’s an entire store full of little black dresses, that’s the only thing they sell. I didn’t go inside, have never been inside, don’t know the people inside, but I remember saying to Justine that it were me, I’d be super hardcore militant about it and never offer anything but little black dresses and not diluting it later by throwing up a dark blue cheater one later on.

Photos from Andrew H. Walker/Stephen Lovekin/