Thor’s wedding

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 28, 2013 14:12:58 October 28, 2013 14:12:58

The Germany premiere of Thor: The Dark World occurred over the weekend and—gasp—a rare wild Hemsworth appeared. We’ve been poking at Chris Hemsworth for his lackluster presence in his own franchise’s promotions, and after the London premiere I didn’t expect to see him again until the US premiere in another week, but lo, there he is in Berlin.

No one involved in Thor is particularly fashion-forward, though Natalie Portman is a Dior spokeswoman and she’s been rocking the house brand, but this red carpet is especially…bridal. They look like a wedding party. It starts with Portman’s white dress—the risk of wearing white is that it will look bridal, which this does—and extends to the standard three-piece suits everyone else is wearing. We even have Marvel co-honchos Kevin Feige and Louis D’Esposito there as doting parents. The only question is who’s the groom, Hemsworth or Tom Hiddleston? Hiddles is wearing a white tie, which is the kind of matchy-matchy thing bridal couples often do, but Hemsworth has a velvet tux jacket, and grooms usually get to make a bolder fashion choice than their attendants.

I’m going to call it in favor of Hemsworth, but, as in all things Thor, Tom Hiddleston totally crashed the ceremony and ended up stealing the bride.


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