My husband as you know has been photo editing for my gimpy arm. I have also lost all internet connection so we"re blogging from the blackberry.

As such, he has been scouring photos for me while I write. Suddenly he"s all about the smut. What was a man who couldn"t give a sh-t about the gossip has now become a bonafide Brad Angelina stalker. And a Natalie Portman pervert.

So here she is, because he won"t leave me alone until I write about her, on the carpet last night for the premiere of Che starring Benicio del Toro and directed by Steven Soderberg. I saw Benicio this morning at the Martinez. He was tall and in good spirits and laughing with his crew but looking rough. Like ROUGH.

Having said that, I"d still totally let him lick my face.

Back to Natalie - as usual she was stunning in red. Sooooo pretty. And had a smile for everyone, especially the no name staffers.

No contact observed whatso ever with Gael Garcia Bernal when he was around although Sean Penn seems awfully sweet on her and some say Jude Law"s been itching to nail her forever.

Her boyfriend is in town too though and they generally only hit up the ultra private dinners as opposed to the eurotrash party scene. Word is she"ll be at AMFAR tonight. Keep you posted.

Also at AMFAR - Sean Penn is expected and also Petra Nemcova and Madonna is co-hosting. Do you love it???

Final note about Natalie"s beauty - an email I received from the husband (the third) this morning requesting a post:

Why don"t you write about how hot she is in red? I"m as hard as a diamond in an ice strom right now.....

Yes. Will Ferrell is his hero.

Photos from Wenn and Splash