Her dress at Vanity Fair – hated it. Ok maybe not the dress. Maybe just the way she put it together – the baby doll hair and the shoes are ass too. But who cares. She’s Natalie Portman. She’s smart and funny and informed and not a famewhore. And she’s still dating Gael Garcia Bernal. Since last year. And surprisingly, even with reporters and cameras inside the VF party, they were quite open about their relationship. Now don’t get me wrong, his tongue wasn’t half way down her throat or anything but they were inseparable…at one point I’m told she was complaining about her shoulder, he rubbed it, not in a pervy way but in the comfortable way between two people extremely comfortable with each other. Later on, she leaned over and sipped from his drink, wrapping her hand around his and bringing it to her mouth. I’m sure I’m picturing it way hotter than it actually was but still…it’s a level of intimacy that reflects how close they are. Don’t believe the reports that they are exes or that they were apart last summer. As I’ve been telling you all along, Natalie and Gael have been solid since Spring 06. Source