In the stinking star cellpool filled with Lilos and Hiltons, the alternative doesn’t have to be the Taupe Extreme. Because while Jennifer Garner may be adorable Violet’s mother and scandal-free and goody goody, she’s also boring as all f&ck. But it IS possible to be interesting without joining the Hollywood Slut Brigade, isn’t it? I think yes. Natalie Portman at the Knicks game the other day. She’s the cutest, non? And also a serious, heavyweight actress. Will be seen next in Milos Forman’s highly anticipated Goya’s Ghost alongside that sexy beast Javier Bardem slated for summer release. Highly anticipated originally because it was thought she went nude for a torture scene though word is it was a double. Highly anticipated now because an Oscar push is being considered. If you haven’t yet, check out the following 2 clips but be warned: some may find them disturbing. Click here and here and yes… Javier is very good at Creepy Freak. Source