Funny how things can change so quickly when your hair is this short. Two weeks ago I was singing the praises of beautiful Natalie Portman for carrying off the loveliest close to the scalp "do, like, ever. Fast forward 14 days and suddenly the growth ain"t all that cute. The trouble is, Natalie appears to have quite a bit of curl. Naturally, when the curl leaves the scalp, it works its way into a pouf. And a pouf on a lovely young girl is far, far from sexy. Now I"m not a stylist, so I have no idea the solution for this kind of dilemma. But I suppose there probably aren"t too many options during the most awkward of growout periods, unless you consider a budget weave which, Thank Goddess, she"s too much of a lady to attempt. All the more reason to love her and to praise her. I mean, how many other 25 year olds in Hollywood would have shaved their heads for a part???