I’m officially in love with Natalie Portman. I also want to become her. Here in Japan to promote V for Vendetta. Love the ensemble. Love the little body. Love the smile. Wonder if Jake G might want to counter those pesky gay rumours by striking up a romance with Nat. I think they’d look good together. And you know it would send Kiki over the edge too. Still, she doesn’t seem like the type to exploit love for publicity. Just like Joaquin. And Ryan Gosling too, who was once very, very candid about his deep appreciation for all things Portman. Now wouldn’t that be an interesting little love triangle? Now HOLD UP McAdams lovers. I am NOT saying Ryan and Rachel aren’t the perfect couple. Stop crying. And put your misplaced angst away for just a second. I’m just giving you a little background here. But if the Gosling/McAdams engagement somehow does end up going the way of every other broken young engagement this year, Natalie Portman might not be a poor Plan B, doncha think?