Three kinds of beauty represented tonight in London for the premiere of The Boleyn Girl. All balanced out by Prince Charles’s wife who was there as well.

Here they are – Natalie, Scarlett, and Eric heavily promoting their movie not too far from where Anna lost her head. Imagine if they had the premiere at the Tower? Spooky.

But back to the triple hotness:

Scarlett, as usual, is all kinds of lush and lust. Juicy and fresh, young and spirited – something very primitive about her sexuality, non? Even in a silver sack of a one shouldered dress, the girl oozes sex.

Then there’s the dashing Eric Bana in a tux…in a tux his little mouth doesn’t seem so bad inside his big head. Maybe a little lip balm though - it wouldn’t hurt.

And finally…

Natalie Portman. Wow. Now that is a face. A timeless face. My husband, ever the dude’s dude, puts it this way:

Some girls you f&ck in a hurry before the game starts. Then there are those with whom you take your time, and don’t mind just catching the highlights the next morning.

Natalie of course is his overnight girl.

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