Perhaps it’s the flu. The flu is going around, non? Or perhaps she too has bought into the Hollywood standard – that sense of entitlement that transcends etiquette and good manners. With a few exceptions, of course, celebrities are almost never on time. And while on occasion they could be legitimately late for professional reasons, most of the time they are late because, well because they don’t give a sh*t about anyone else’s schedule.
And so according to Page Six Natalie Portman was supposed to promote her new line of vegan shoes at the Te Casan store the other day but disappointed guests when she arrived 45 minutes late, did only 15 minutes of press, and then disappeared again, only to re-emerge for the final five minutes of the party.

If true then quite a letdown since it’s a cause she has espoused for such a long time. Having said that, accounts of bad behaviour on Portman’s part are few, or even non-existent, and far between.

Natalie as you know has been on publicity tour to promote The Other Boleyn Girl, due out on February 29th. It’s a leap year!

Very cute - she and Scarlett Johansson turned up at the Today Show on Monday with mirrored side parts. A little bit scary mom dressing her kids the same but adorable nonetheless.

Am worried though. Have they f&cked up Gregory’s book?

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