As far as the crazy spectrum goes, Natalie Portman fans aren’t quite as demented as the Brangelunatics but perhaps a little less depressed as the McGoslings. They are however particularly mental about Gael Garcia Bernal. Apparently, in their eyes, she deserves better.

Is Nathan Bogle better?

Well he’s certainly a hunk. Nathan was a model, then founded Rag & Bone, is apparently friends with Jude Law, is Jewish, is said to be very sweet, and seemed rather sweet on her yesterday while watching Venus Williams at the US Open.

Normally intensely private, this public display of affection seems a curious departure from Natalie’s standard cloak and dagger romantic habits. A former model and now a fashion designer…hmmm… can’t get a good read off my gaydar but fags and hags touch each other like all the time. Trust.

Not that straight isn’t possible and if it is the case, they are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous together!

But there is still the issue of Gael. Natalie and GGB were famously very crafty about concealing their relationship. Few photos and few sightings have ever made it to light so the fact that they haven’t been seen publicly together in ages means nothing.

Last month however, Natalie was confirmed in Toronto, dining at a local Vegan restaurant. Coincidentally, Gael was in town shooting movie at the same time.

She’s cool undercover, non? Will keep you posted.

Thanks Kit!