Natalie & Tobey, no Jakey

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 23, 2009 16:43:14 November 23, 2009 16:43:14

At the Brothers premiere in New York last night…

Notably absent: Jake Gyllenhaal.

They will be pushing Tobey hard for his performance in this movie during awards season. Perhaps scaling back Jakey’s involvement is strategic. There’s been very little buzz so far about Brothers but momentum is starting to build, quietly but it’s there. And the Academy loves Jim Sheridan.

Word is, all three – Portman, Maguire, and Gyllenhaal – are outstanding. And if Peter Jackson was practically guaranteed a nomination for The Lovely Bones months ago based on past work even though no one had seen it then, shouldn’t the same be true of Jim Sheridan? Please. In America. If you haven’t, why not and you must.

Anyway, Natalie as usual was stunning on the carpet last night and it’s good to see Tobey all grown up and happy and finally thriving again. Funny how things work. He almost pissed it all away during Spiderman, they threatened to replace him with Jakey, now he and Jakey are in a movie together and he’s the one who has an outside shot at a nod.

And adding to the impressive talent list in Brothers

My girl Carey Mulligan who is supposedly a lock for one of the five for An Education. Hitfix posted this exclusive clip of Natalie and Carey in a scene together from the film – click here to read their report on the upcoming Brothers campaign.

PS. Ralph Macchio showed up last night. Random. But he used to be my imaginary boyfriend.

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