Natalie Portman last night at the gala. You think she’s beautiful in pictures? Well in person it’s even more. It’s not just the face – the dress of course was perfection – but it’s Natalie as a package. The way she moves, the way she walks, the way she holds herself…

She is little, delicate, so graceful, an effortless mix of vulnerable but strong, and confident – confidence that comes from growth and experience rather than privilege … unlike my Gwyneth, for example. Hee.

No mystery why so many in Hollywood are so taken with her. If she asked me, I would give her my husband. And he would leave me willingly.

As for crossing paths with Gael Garcia Bernal… he was at the afterparty, no sign of her but I peeled off for Nikki Beach so it doesn’t necessarily mean she didn’t show. Will learn more later today. Keep you posted.

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