But of course it does.

A tale of two pinks – the flawless Natalie Portman last night (so much better when her hair is blown out), perfect in pink at the premiere of Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and Emmy Rossum raping you with her pink sugar (as Keira Knightley would say) at the 2nd anniversary of Tao in Vegas.

Natalie is promoting a movie. Rossum meanwhile is promoting … absolutely nothing. And yet she will show up at the opening of a can of tuna. Sugar + Tuna = Gross.

Let’s focus then on Natalie instead. After Mr Magorium she can next be seen in The Other Boleyn Girl which was slated for a December awards season run but has now been pushed back to February – pretty much the kiss of death for a film, usually buried in that time frame because A. it sucks and B. they studio wants to scrounge whatever it can at the box office to recoup its losses without heavy competition.

But a few of Portman’s future projects look much more promising. She has signed on to star opposite her ex Jakey Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire in Brothers and it has just been announced that she will direct her first feature – A Tale of Love and Darkness based on the memoir by Israeli writer Amos Oz. Check, check.

However, with every 2 checks comes a possible X – major payoff if it works, major disaster if it doesn’t. Because Natalie is also apparently committed to a film called Snow and the Seven with Jet Li – an adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: something about a group of Monks in China who take in a Western girl.

Seriously, if the white girl ends up seducing the celibate China man, I will lose my sh*t. And if Emmy Rossum were in the role…quite possible.

But somehow Natalie Portman seems better than that, non?