Duana and I disagree on many things – Michael Phelps, her hair, my hair, Anne Hathaway – but we are most diametrically opposed on the subject of Natalie Portman. Duey can’t bear Natalie Portman. I, on the other hand, worship Natalie Portman.

Here she is, at various engagements during the Venice Film Festival, looking impossibly beautiful and natural and effortless, dressed down or dressed up. Major hard-on.

Natalie will also be headed to TIFF to promote New York, I Love You. Her Boleyn sister Scarlett Johansson is expected at the festival too, as is her ex, Gael Garcia Bernal for Blindness.

She and Gael once shared a flat together in Toronto a couple of years ago during an ON period of their On/Off relationship. Interestingly enough, Toronto is also where Gael experienced some assistant issues which have hopefully been resolved now that he’s pregnant.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Wenn.com