Sort of.

There are some people who show up to the Vanity Fair Oscar party every year, doesn’t matter if they’ve been to the main show or now. Diane Kruger. If you can get an invitation, you go. Because then everyone knows you got an invitation and there’s always work to be done. Part of the work in Hollywood is proving that you still matter.

There are others, though, who are more selective about when they attend, even though they’d always get an invitation.

So here’s Natalie Portman at Vanity Fair. Kind of surprising to me because she was not a presenter at the Oscars. Which means she just came for the party, just came to hang out, just came to be seen in an elegant white dress, her face as beautiful as ever, looking more and more Audrey Hepburn. And without Benjamin Millepied, her husband, who attends with her whenever he can. Probably he’s in Paris then? So she would have made a point of going …to go. And that tells me that Natalie Portman still needs to play that game. Is re-engaging in the game?