The guy who married Natalie Portman

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I wrote about Natalie Portman’s pregnancy and engagement yesterday. Click here for a refresher. In the article I referenced a curious and creepy Page Six post about Portman’s now fiancé Benjamin Millepied and how he appeared to be “obsessed” with her during production of Black Swan. He supposedly ignored other dancers, left them ill-prepared, and even broke off with a longterm girlfriend to be with her.

My final sentence to wrap up that section was to note that:

“At the time it made my smutty senses tingle. Now the tingle has become a full on throb. Maybe I’m overreacting.”

Then I woke up today and clicked on a link at The title:

Five Things to Know About Natalie Portman's Fiancé Benjamin Millepied

Oh really???

The article includes quotes and information from Millepied himself. So… kinda like a proper interview. And while he does not speak of his famous fiancée, he does casually drop in there that he’s directed a French movie. So, yeah, there’s that. Now that he’s to marry her, and is the father of her baby, we’re supposed to regard him as a Somebody going forward. Ugh. Do we have to? Can’t we just call him The Guy Who Married Natalie Portman? All these peripheral characters, it’s so hard to manage.

In other Natalie news, she covers the issue of Entertainment Weekly on the Oscar race. It was evident after Venice, there is no doubt she’ll receive a Best Actress nomination for Black Swan. I mean, she’d have to publicly announce that she sh-ts on babies to not get the nod. And she wants it too. This is someone who’s willing to campaign. To play. Unlike her chief competitor Annette Bening who seems like she’s trying extra hard NOT to be seen during the season.

Many of you have been asking about Oscar campaigning. There was a request for a more lengthy analysis of sorts during one of the liveblogs. Sarah from Cinesnark is working on a multipart series to begin posting next week, just in time for the races. This is what makes January bearable: awards season!

Click here for more on Natalie Portman, and James Franco I WENT TO FILM SCHOOL too, in Entertainment Weekly.

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