It’s a documentary chronicling the experiences of 3 women in Mali, Vietnam, and Bosnia-Herzegovina as they work to “overcome barriers to lead day-to-day battles against ignorance, poverty, oppression, and ethnic strife.”

Natalie Portman has, for several years now, been actively involved in advocating for rights of disadvantaged women particularly in the third world as the Ambassador of Hope for FINCA with specific focus on pro-active efforts to help communities help themselves escape the cycle of poverty.

Last night she was in New York for a screening of A Powerful Noise at Hunter College (just one of 450 screenings across the US last night) and sat on a panel along with Madeleine Albright, Dr Helene Gayle, Nicholas D Kristof, and Christy Turlington engaging the audience in a discussion about issues facing women and children around the world, and how others can make a difference.


I love her.

She’s involved, interesting, and interested. She’s smart. She’s sassy. She’s funny. She’s SO beautiful. And there’s a grace about Natalie Portman that is intoxicating.

This is why almost every young actor in Hollywood (and my husband) has a crush on her including Ryan Gosling. I was the first to report on their text flirtation – he’s been working hard but she’s been keeping her options open. Options that supposedly include Robert Pattinson.


Ryan Gosling >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Robert Pattinson.

Trailer for A Powerful Noise:

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