On the day that MJ and Farrah Fawcett both passed, a series of celebrity hoax deaths made the rounds on the internet. So f-cking dumbass, right? Anyway Natalie Portman was one of them.

Natalie, obviously, is fine. And was out last night in London with some friends, enjoying a 3 hour dinner at Nobu before emerging in a really cute checkered dress with heels and a blowout. On the fancy side, for her that is.

Natalie has just come off shooting Hesher with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and will begin work on Your Highness with James Franco (about a prince who gets stoned all the time and can’t defend his kingdom) in the UK this month.

After that she goes right into Black Swan with Darren Aronofsky directing, and by then is hoping that production will be ready on that project with Brad Pitt, a romantic comedy tentatively titled Important Artifacts.

Jessica Biel meanwhile, um, keeps calling the paparazzi.

Photos from Wenn.com