If you’ve been reading my blog the last year or so, you’ll know that I’ve been off Michael Fassbender for a while now. That messy situation with the ex-girlfriend is most of it, and then there was the time he yelled at a waiter, one of the most unattractive qualities in a celebrity, and also the way he wears his jeans sometimes, and, well, his proportions don’t meet my own personal preference for attraction -- forehead to chin, shoulders to waist, and waist to ankle seem like they’re all the same.

Anyway, here he is in Austin shooting a kissing scene on the set of that Terrence Malick movie with Natalie Portman the other day and, perhaps in part because the pictures are taken only from the waist up, this is the most appealing I’ve found him in a long time. Which is to say that he’s slighter better than OK but nowhere near Tom Hardy. I will attribute this to Natalie Portman though I know I’m in the minority -- on both his sexy factor and Natalie Portman. That said then, please, enjoy.