Portman the professional

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 21, 2012 18:45:14 November 21, 2012 18:45:14

This is Natalie Portman in London shooting Thor 2. Last year, Sarah posted this article about Portman being pissed over the firing of director Patty Jenkins from the project as she had advocated for Jenkin’s involvement and wanted to see a woman direct a superhero movie for a change. Rumour has it, Portman was so disappointed about Jenkins’ dismissal she was considering taking time off from acting. Time off? Not if there’s a contract in play, but Portman does have enough influence that the studio reportedly involved her in the search for Jenkins’ replacement. It turned out to be Alan Taylor. You might know him from Game Of Thrones. So it all worked out in the end then. And, ever the professional, Portman is on set, smiling and back to having brown hair.

Speaking of a professional Portman...

Have you ever seen her audition for The Professional? She still looks and talks exactly the same!


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