His #1 and my #1

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 29, 2009 17:42:43 May 29, 2009 17:42:43

Natalie Portman tops my husband’s Freebie 5. James Franco is #1 for me.

And now the two of them will star in a movie together called Your Highness. In a weird, twisted, imaginary, not at all realistic way, it’s like we brought them together. And if they are together, if they get together (can you imagine?) it would be like we’re together with them. Kind of. But not really.


If she won’t be with Ryan Gosling, she should definitely be with James Franco. He’s worthy of her. She’s worthy of him.

As for Your Highness, Per Greg at Hitfix https://www.hitfix.com/blogs/2008-12-6-motion-captured/posts/2009-5-29-exclusive-natalie-portman-joins-the-cast-of-your-highness Natalie has just been added to the cast. It’s a fantasy-ish film about a royal prince who loves smoking pot. But then he has to protect his kingdom from attack. Only he doesn’t feel like it because he’s been smoking so much pot.


As if she wasn’t perfect enough for my husband before, now Natalie Portman’s in a stoner comic book movie?

There is no one else for him. She’s his goddess.

Click here https://www.hitfix.com/blogs/2008-12-6-motion-captured/posts/2009-5-29-exclusive-natalie-portman-joins-the-cast-of-your-highness for more on Your Highness.

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