It is surely the apocalypse, because here I sit, in front of pictures of Natalie Portman, and I feel...fine. I have no rants here.  

Are you still there? I don't know what to say, almost. I like the dress. Not on everyone, not to every event, but it was beautiful vintage Christian Dior, and the delicate polka dots work for me.I prefer down-dos to up, and she looks gorgeous.  I dislike when Natalie makes herself elfin and cute, but she looks long, lean, and adult here.

She also presented well. She didn't make any references to Benjamin Millepied having sex with her. She acted her age. As far as I heard,she was utterly and completely...regular.  he's about to shoot a two-part Terence Malick film.

Is my bothering bone perhaps broken?

(Lainey: how much do you love this shot of Natalie with Katie Holmes at Vanity Fair? Photo Assumption says there’s a patronising-off happening here.)