Natalie Portman was named Best Actress by the Broadcast Critics last night at the Critics’ Choice Awards for her performance in Jackie. She was nominated for a Golden Globe this morning. It’s the tightest Best Actress Oscar race we’ve seen in years. And Natalie Portman knows how to win an Oscar. Which is what Duana and I discuss on episode 4 of our work podcast this week: Natalie Portman and how she knows how to win. And, specifically, what she uses to win. Which is what Teo Bugbee called a “persistent freaky baby quality” in a really funny piece for MTV News last week. Duana has always been on to Natalie’s girl woman persona, well before I took off my Natalie fan glasses. I finally saw what Duana was seeing around the time she was campaigning for Oscar five years ago by Virgin Mothering herself at every awards show.

While Natalie’s “oddly sexualized, childlike grown-up” has carried her career, James Marsden’s extreme good looks may have held his back. The second article on the class syllabus this week is a Vulture piece about why Hollywood hasn’t noticed that James Marsden is one of the best actors of his generation. Duana and I debate whether or not peak television will make this happen.

We also talk about what Ryan Murphy is making happen with his commitment to diversity. But how can we save Good Girls Revolt?

Some additional background links on Ryan’s industry leadership are here and on Good Girls Revolt here.

And… we have finally settled on a name!

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