I used to think Taupe Jennifer Garner had the worst mother style, like, ever. Please click here if you need a refresher. Goddamn that sh-t was bad. And then this weekend Natalie Portman stepped out with her baby and her baby father and this is what happened.

Heinous, right?

Here come the defensive moms who will try to explain it away with some excuse about moms not having time to pick out what they wear and that this becomes less important when the joy and magnitude and the magnitude of the joy of motherhood takes over your life. Fine. But I’m telling you, that vegan-friendly dress she’s wearing (that on Kirsten Dunst could have been pseudo hipster cute while walking through Brooklyn in the summer) is probably your monthly car payment. And how un-deliberate can that blue sweater really be with those kinds of cuffs?  Not exactly sweatpants, you know?

Besides, she was out looking at art with her artist husband. In her mind, if I don’t get what she’s wearing, I guess I’m just not “art” enough.