I do.

Check out Natalie Portman’s new short film for Miss Dior. “Short film”. They keep trying to rename “commercial”. Just because an acclaimed director (be it Anton Corbijn or Martin Scorsese) shoots it and just because there’s an Oscar winner starring in it, doesn’t make it not a commercial!

As you can see, Natalie’s ready to walk down the aisle. But she obviously doesn’t want to walk down the aisle because there is doubt in her eyes and when she throws open the French windows, the magic, it just isn’t there… until she’s just in her LBD, running towards helicopter freedom. And a hot guy who leans over and takes her neck in his mouth.

Is there any disconnect for you here that she is married in real life? Or are we supposed to accept that she’s playing a character because she’s an “actor”? Fine. I get that. But she’s IN the “short film” because she’s NATALIE PORTMAN. Otherwise, why wouldn’t it be a model whose background we’re unfamiliar with?

Also attached - Natalie with Benjamin Millepied at the Dior show in Paris last week.