If true… me likey, but you can never be sure with Natalie Portman because she would prefer you believe the fraud so as to not risk exposing what’s real.

According to Us Weekly, Natalie is now dating Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg with whom she worked on her infamous SNL Digital Short, in which Natalie hilariously gives “anger rap” a new spin. Andy has previously been linked to Drew Barrymore and Kirsten Dunst, and on pure aesthetics alone… I get it. You are looking at him and screwing up your face.

But anyone who watches Saturday Night Live with regularity will automatically understand: there is something goofy and endearing and wickedly funny and therefore terribly sexy about Andy Samberg in that way only comedians can get away with and it’s as true in Hollywood as it was in high school. Wasn’t there always one boy who wasn’t the quarterback but got more ass anyway because he was just so much more clever?

That is Andy Samberg. And I could totally picture Natalie wanting to get with it. Only she would also do anything, encourage anything to take the heat off her and Gael Garcia Bernal…that is if they are still together.

Have not heard in quite a while about the status of their relationship, though they do seem to curiously be in the same place quite often and manage to escape unseen and unphotographed.

Even still, it’s been several weeks since a same city crossing. And as such, an Andy Samberg hook up is not impossible. Will keep you posted.